The Bellevue team have been working tirelessly with our network of schools to prepare for the school closures across Europe due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Our unrelenting focus has been to ensure continuity of education for all of our pupils. 

We are incredibly proud of how our schools have successfully transitioned into virtual schools whilst also providing on-site education for children of key workers. Through the expertise and dedication of our education and digital development team, Heads and their teachers; Bellevue schools have been able to deliver innovative and engaging online lessons to all of our pupils across the UK and in Switzerland and France. 

As a Group, we are committed to working closely with all our schools and parents to ensure the very best educational experience for our pupils as we navigate through these uncertain times together.

Bellevue Virtual Learning

In order to offer an education that stimulates and inspires our pupils, Bellevue have been investing in the latest technology and resources for years. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront when it comes to innovative ways of delivering lessons and exploring new teaching and learning techniques that enhance the pupil learning experience at every Bellevue school.

Our education and digital development team have been working closely with Bellevue schools for many years to ensure they fully utilise the Group's digital resources and interactive teaching and learning techniques made available to them. Because of this, the transition from classroom learning to virtual learning has been a seamless process for most of our schools. 

As a group we are uniquely positioned to bring teachers together and faciliate sharing of best practice across all our schools. Together, with the support from our Education Directors and Digital Development Lead, Bellevue schools have entered a new chapter of virtual learning. 

Our Bellevue online learning strategy has enabled our schools to deliver effective and engaging lessons designed to continue to deliver the curriculum as seamlessly as possible, supplemented with a range of activities and initiatives aimed at enhancing pupil health and wellbeing. 

In this video our Education Director, David Williams, talks to Head of Farlington School, Louise Higson, and Head of Sherfield School, Nick Brain, about the online learning strategy in their schools and across the Group. 

Advice and Tips to Parents

We have collated a selection of advice, tips and informative videos to parents and pupils from across the Group in addition to recommended external resources.

Resources for Teachers

Here you will find a selection of resources and best practice from across the Group and recommended external resources.

Information on School Fees

In a letter sent to parents at Bellevue UK schools, we have communicated that parents will be offered a 30% discount on day school fees for the Summer Term, with no fees being charged for boarding at the five schools that offer this option. 

Those who are in a position to pay more than 70% are being invited to do so, with any contribution above the 70% being put into a dedicated fund to support other parents at that school who may be facing temporary hardship and need assistance with fees. We pledge to match, pound for pound, any contribution made in this way.

The group also recognises that the financial impact on some parents is likely to continue beyond the Summer Term, and as a result we pledge to, as a minimum, freeze school fees for the Autumn term.

CEO of Bellevue Education, Mark Malley said:

“Whilst many schools have decided that, in order to keep everything running as usual, parents should pay 100% of their fees for the summer term, I cannot in all conscience agree with that position. We are aware that the current climate means that many of our parents may find themselves in challenging financial circumstances, and we want to play our part in helping them through this difficult time, whilst at the same time honouring our responsibilities as an employer.”

To read the full letter, please click here. 

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